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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Opioid Ban in U.S.

I am really struggling with pain after many years of having a decent quality of life with a minimum dosage of an opioid. The U.S. ban on opioids has left me wondering if the panting-sweating-pain on the least exertion is the reason for struggling with mobility or simply aging - OR a combination of both.

Has anyone else been prescribed taking Arthritis strength Tylenol four times a day as an alternate to opioids? The Medics claim that it builds up in the system after two weeks and offers nearly the same relief as an opiate. I was skeptical but gave it a 6-8 week fair trial. It gave me no more relief than a sugar pill so I stopped taking it as not being worth the risk of liver failure.

I have a high pain tolerance and was able to have a decent quality of life until my minimum dosage of an opioid was stopped. Pain clinics are not an option - we have none here and I had already refused spinal injections every 90 days as not worth the expense and the risk.

Anyone else had similar experiences? When the good old thera bead heat pads no longer bring temporary relief, surely there is a problem. How do those of you in the U.S. handle getting enough relief from pain to accomplish daily living needs? I can't believe I'm writing this as I've handled CES quite well until this summer when the opioid prescription ran out. Note: Cannabis is not for me even though my state just approved it for medical use.