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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Re: Former member...I need some support, please

Hi Chelly,

First off, I live in the UK....seems like you are in a tough spot I have no idea what these drugs are as I have only ever taken medication orally, what about analysis of the medication you received - how do you know there isn't trace elements of what they found, seems like you need a good pharmacist on your side or at least an analytical lab that is qualified to advise??? - this is such a rare element within receiving treatment, I myself take Oramorph and have often wondered how a roadside drug test would come out!!.....I wish I could help but unfortunately this is way way above my head and I haven't a clue as to who could help apart from what I have already suggested and I recognise that that is easier said than done.

Only thing I can say is be firm be positive and seek the help you need and don't be put off by anyone, there is always a higher authority, seek that out if necessary.

I wish you all the best...this is a difficult one.

Alan:tophat: :sweat: