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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Re: Former member...I need some support, please

Hi Chelly,

First off, I live in the UK....seems like you are in a tough spot I have no idea what these drugs are as I have only ever taken medication orally, what about analysis of the medication you received - how do you know there isn't trace elements of what they found, seems like you need a good pharmacist on your side or at least an analytical lab that is qualified to advise??? - this is such a rare element within receiving treatment, I myself take Oramorph and have often wondered how a roadside drug test would come out!!.....I wish I could help but unfortunately this is way way above my head and I haven't a clue as to who could help apart from what I have already suggested and I recognise that that is easier said than done.

Only thing I can say is be firm be positive and seek the help you need and don't be put off by anyone, there is always a higher authority, seek that out if necessary.

I wish you all the best...this is a difficult one.

Alan:tophat: :sweat:

Re: Former member...I need some support, please

Hi guys..

first of all im so greatful that someone has created this group. Im in the UK also...its my first message so not sure if it will b read or not....if u read this let me know pls

Re: Former member...I need some support, please

I too would like to join the private support group but based on the stories on the website it and here that the group is inactive. Who is the current active administrator to contact and how do I contact them?

Re: Former member...I need some support, please

Hi all. The very first post in this forum is locked at the top and titled "How to join private CESSG group on Yahoo".