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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Question about ces

Hi there,
I had a microdiscectomy L3L4, had a re-herniation and the procedure was repeated within 7 weeks.
No I am 6 weeks postop and have minor saddle paresthesias, lower backpain still there, was not so before surgery, buttockspain,
But no bladderproblems, no incontinency, some obstipation, I used painmeds quit a while, and with eating some prunes and kiwi’s I go to the toilet 2 times a day. Urinating also goes well. No incontinency there also. I do have testicle pain, but not all day and sexually everyting works ok. At night my balls are hurting some more and getting a hardone is somewhat painfully just as enejaculating. I must say that I am a person that soon can feel panic and am a nervous person, with mild depression problems when I am healthy so now some more anxiety also.iI forgot to mention that a week after the 2nd surgery i experienced thighbone pain on the surgical right side. Left is also a bit numb, and it feels if I am having less strenght in both legs. But that of course 6 weeks postop can always be nerve damage that can heal overtime. I started PT and did lowimpact exersizes. Also to mention that my ability to walk is not more than 1.5 miles a day, before experiencing postop pain. Also lot of pain when I try to sleep at night.
I used painmeds Tramadol but stopped because i was obstipating. Now I only use 4x2 paracetamol a day, nothing more.
My age is 65 maybe thats all can be from influence also on my health status at the moment.
Can you tell me if I need to worry?
Greetings, Martin Mooij
The Netherlands