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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Re: Lidocaine Infusion Therapy

Thanks for the reply Alan. In a way your lucky you have no pain in your saddle. Mine is severe. My doc wants to lower my opioids and is wanting to try new treatments like this I am very dubious.

Re: Lidocaine Infusion Therapy

It really is a case of finding out what there is and what works the best, to a certain extent it's pure experimentation because there doesn't appear to be any laid out route in terms of treatments and medication - I suppose it's because we are all different....keep trying, I find talking with the pharmacist can be a great source for information....By the way, whilst I have complete numbness I can still suffer the awful effect of compaction, in other words..."The tennis ball in the butt" - I get some good relief by taking "Fybogel" on a daily works for some and not others, like I said, it's finding out what works for you isn't it, best of luck.

Cheers, Alan:tophat: :flag-gb: