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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Rectal pain

I was wondering what others do about the intense rectal pain. It consumes my days and nights and I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I can't seem to find a dr. that understands or even cares. They tend to treat me like I'm lying just to get pain meds. At my wits end.

Re: Rectal pain

Hi Rene,

Seems about the average response from medics who have never had this must be difficult for others to try to understand the type of pain we suffer, often brushed aside as something that everyone will experience at some stage or another, a sort of general ache and pain but as we fellow sufferers know this pain goes well beyond the norm.

A big variance between individuals in describing rectal instances of pain and numbness, I used to have the dreadful Tennis Ball stuck in the butt when I suffered constant bouts of bad constipation or even the equally dreaded compaction which then created seepage incontinence......I have since lost all feelings of rectal pain now having saddle numbness for a good few years now.

Everyone suffers in different way's that makes this condition so variable and hence the difficulty that Doctors have in treating patients.

All I can input here is that you have to keep on explaining to your Doctor the condition you are suffering from, give details and keep a daily log of how it is and then provide this to the Doctor, I found in the early day's this helped a lot and they really did appreciate this information....I take your point of being labelled a "Time Waster" or "Hypochondriac" or even a "Cyberchondriac" but you just have to ignore these natural feelings and get the treatment that will's up to you for nobody else can fight your corner, oh by the way , I am not medical...just a sufferer without any qualifications to give advise...these are just simply, my comments to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Best wishes, Alan:tophat: :relaxed: