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CESSG Questions & Answers

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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Too bad they deleted hundreds of earlier posts because they would illustrate to you how common are the symptoms which your wife is experiencing. I know that doesn't help her or you but perhaps it will encourage you to know that those nasty symptoms are shared among the majority of CES patients, yes - even after surgery. As Alan said, recovery mostly depends on the degree of injury to the nerves and how soon surgery was performed. The wide-ranging variables make it difficult to even suggest clear cut answers....the one size fits all concept does not apply to CES! One really good thing is that the bladder and colon have not been adversely affected. it is another ball game when those nerves are injured to the point that function is impaired. So chalk that blessing up to very good luck! The discomfort when sitting is hard to overlook, some describe it as the nerves causing the feeling of having a tennis ball stuck inside the rectum.... very unpleasant. Those feelings might lessen in time but in time, it gets to where you ignore the feeling and just get on with life rather than worrying about it. (I hasten to say you may learn to ignore it but it is never pleasant). Please encourage your wife that there is life beyond CES, and it can be a life worth living in spite of these unpleasant changes. We learn to adapt where needed, find new ways of doing things, better ways to cope with the pain, in short, patience, hope and time do wonders for us all.

My best wishes and prayers for you both. Life is precious, don't let CES rob either of you of the blessings of each new day.:+1: :older_woman: