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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Re: Just checking In

Mark, you've hit one of the best resources for anyone with persistent pain - distraction; or as I always describe it, losing yourself in something you love to do so that your mind is forced to think of something else. Try losing yourself in a good book, or try counting the stitches as you knit or crochet, or play a video game - anything that forces the mind to think beyond the pain. That has been my long held practice to deal with night pain, the kind of pain that seems to descend when bedtime rolls around. Countless nights find me getting up from bed and going to the computer to work on-line crossword puzzles after I found that the longer you lie there, the worse the pain becomes. (Anything that requires quiet concentration works). I learned to hop up quickly when the legs and back go crazy and work on crossword puzzles until I simply cannot stay awake. Then, if I don't move around much, I can usually return to bed and get a few hours of sleep. That method also seems to speed the pain medication taking hold. Living with CES is a challenge but with a perspective of seeing the glass half-full rather than half-empty, we can still find a lot of satisfactions in life beyond CES. Sure, we have to adapt but hey, if a great grandmother can do it, then it stands to reason that younger "victims" can find a satisfying life beyond CES! I should add that many members used to find venting their frustrations and fears on this forum was also a great help, if for no other reason than you find you are far from alone; that there are people who really get it because they live it daily. Perhaps that doesn't make sense to people who have not personally dealt with all the nasty's that go with CES but it will to most of those who post on this forum! I, for one, appreciate your comments.

So good to make contact with you once again.