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Pain Clinics

Would any one like to discuss their experience with pain clinics since the new laws in the U.S. now prevent a doctor from prescribing an opioid medication unless the patient has a current MRI and goes to a pain clinic first.

I don't want to cause bias by my own recent experience so will just leave it at that other than to say that from my own internet research I am finding patients are finding it difficult to impossible to even find a pain clinic that will write a prescription for an opiate; they seem, at least here in the U.S. to be only prescribing injections into the affected areas of the spine. Without going through the process, it seems impossible to get a prescription for the very medications that have enabled us to have a "somewhat" bit of a social life.

Any comments?


Re: Pain Clinics

The clinic I go to for my pain management clinic for my CES want to reduce my dosage down to 90 mg a day from 150 mg. I am not sure I can tolerate it.

If you want to discuss we can.

Re: Pain Clinics

Yes, I would like to discuss.

Re: Pain Clinics

I think we are all in the same position in the U.S. - the laws have now banned opioids and doctors as well as pain clinics are forced to reduce medication, even when there is well-documented need.

I found no help from the pain clinic; an MRI was required just to get an appointment with a pain clinic and the first thing I was told was that they don't write prescriptions. (I had not said a word about pain medication!) I'm not out to bad mouth pain clinics, this is just my personal experience. I was offered nothing but spinal injections, which I have refused after my own research into their effectiveness versus risk. They have to be given every 90 days so, in my view, you exchange one "addiction" for another. And an expensive one, at that!

I too am on a reduced dosage of pain medication. Since I was taking so little, I had no idea what a difference it made in being able to get on with life until I no longer had that relief. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, can get by with very little pain medication as long as I know its there in case I really need it. The past two months have been an eye opener; the nerve pain has been far worse than I expected. I will temper that by saying either I'm getting used to the higher pain level or it isn't quite as bad as the first weeks on half strength dosage. But I am no longer able to get on with the things that I love to do.. the pain has made me its captive so it calls the shots. I am not a doctor, just another long term patient with the ravages of CES; so don't take my critique of pain clinics to be anyone's experience but my own. Meantime, take comfort that this is one place where your complaint will be understood - from experience. I would welcome anyone's presenting a positive side to pain clinics!