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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Cauda Equina Syndrome

Hello everyone ! I need help with some information. I am from Romania, where things don`t work as good as in other countries. Unfortunately my father was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, but as far as I know here are no specialists for this problem and no one is interested in helping and giving some advice. This is an old pathology, he has got spondylitis since he was around 28 and now he is 60 years old. He has an MRI scan from 2 years ago, back then the doctor didn't mention anything about this syndrome, and now, after 2 years, with the same MRI scan ( from 2 years ago), an neurologist said it is CES. My father is suffering now from urinary retention and constipation. Also, back pain. We just don`t know what to do next, because no one is helping. I want to send his MRI scan images to a specialist, so he/she can confirm the diagnosis. I still hope this is not the final diagnosis and it could be something else, because he is also suffering from mega colon...
Anyway, if you know or can recommend a good neurologist that can help and have time to check his MRI scan, I would appreciate. Thank you very much, have a good day !

Re: Cauda Equina Syndrome

Andra, so sorry to learn of your fathers problem, looks like a long standing condition has turned itself into something else...The only person who can reliably interpret an MRI is a Neurologist or Neuro Surgeon, unfortunately I am not qualified to make any kind of a statement or comment. I live in England so our medical services will be quite different from yours - the only thing is as you have identified, is to get a professional diagnosis from the recent MRI via a Neurologist asap in the meantime, if your Father suffers any further symptoms with his spine, bladder/bowel/numbness etc - don't hesitate - get emergency treatment straight away....delay isn't an option.

My best wishes to you and I hope you get the answers you need.

Alan.:tophat: :wheelchair: :relaxed: