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Re: Just checking In

P.S. One other thing for those who get the electric activity. After almost 8yrs. of trying to nail down what sets them off, I've still have little idea. I'm think it may be related to constipation and trapped gas:thinking_face: Anyone out there that has solved this I'd be grateful to hear it.


Re: Just checking In

Howdy Mark...

Thanks for the reply....Electric shocks I used to describe as the same as touching a cars High Voltage coil and getting that 14k snap!! but in my legs, nasty things when you get them....spasm and jolts seem to go together.

Constipation/compaction....the curse of all sufferers....opiates being the main cause I suppose, slowing down of the bowel mobility and the natural rhythm that moves things along seems to get suspended and then compaction starts and following this discharge of liquids.....what a great thing to suffer from but you try and explain this to others including Medics and they think "Yeah yeah"...they simply have no idea of the real suffering/pain/anguish of not being able to have a normal bowel evacuation, I destroy toilet seats in trying to get body movement to's hard bloody hard and this brings me to your theory about wind/constipation...I had a bout of hospitalisation last year which brought about a colonoscopy where they blow up your lower and upper bowels, not with explosives I might add....but rather with a more gentle blast of compressed air!!!! LoL...Well after they blew my things up they look at the linings for things that shouldn't be there etc...well they found a few pockets that had been eroded through constant constipation and compaction which they identified as Diverticulitis and this adds to the over all things that you have to put up with....No easy answers, more or less how you can deal with things yourself and what you find works....Unfortunately...we are all individuals and suffer in different way's but linked via forums such as this....I think the best therapy is to be able to talk about it, not to family but to fellow sufferers.

Keep taking the tablets and keep a positive outlook and the rest is easy.....I also lie!!!.

Cheers Mark....stay well.

Regards, Alan.:tophat: :wheelchair: :flag-tn: :relaxed: