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CESSG Questions & Answers

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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Re: Is this normal?

Hi Jewel. I was diagnosed with CES in July 2016. A 7 hour emergency op and plenty of rehabilitation to date. I have also had back ache and persuaded my doctor to let me have an MRI. I had an abscess and wanted to know if there was anything left. Clear MRI but lots of arthritis found. I don't panic about back ache anymore.

Re: Is this normal?

Are you doing any P.T., i've found that a good exercise program helps with back pain. I had one spot that I felt pain, after exercising for a year It was somewhat better. The next year I started lifting weights and the pain slowly went away. I did find when I pushed it to hard, it would come back. So eight years in that pain is gone. I found a routine that I maintain and don't over do it. Exercise is key for keeping regular back pain at bay. IMO