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Re: pain at night

Sorry, here it is September and I just read your post. I hope things have improved since your post. You are not alone in finding pain is worse at night; there are so many variables among CES patients but pain at night is shared by most, if not all, of us. I can share a few things that have helped me not to dread bedtime. First, do NOT try to sleep on your back as it is sure way to bring on the pain. Try curling in a fetal position on one side. From there you can experiment with what works best for you. For instance, over time I discovered that extending the most painful leg works best for me; and sometimes elevating one leg with a pillow helps. You really just have to experiment until you find a position that lets you get a few hours of sleep before needing to change positions. One thing I learned first that helped start the night right is this: if pain starts get up immediately and find something to do until you get sleepy again. Do bot return to bed until you are so sleepy you can't stay awake. My experience early on was to get up at the first pain, go to the computer and do on-line crossword puzzles until I became sleepy; that still works for me. The point is to do something that forces your mind to think of something besides the pain. Crossword puzzles forced my mind to think without the excitement that comes with doing video games. After doing several I would be come bored enough to become sleepy. Extra pillows are your best friend... put them wherever it helps reduce your discomfort. For instance, if I turn on my right side, I must use a pillow to support the left leg and hip or the pain will take over very quickly. Just lots of ways you can find some ease from pain by figuring out where a pillow will support you.

Thera bead pads, which are zapped in a microwave, will ease pain when nothing else works. They are inexpensive and last for years.. right now I have one that has been in use for at least 20 plus years. it is worth its weight in gold when the pain becomes unbearable and medication doesn't help. More expensive are electric foot of bed warmers. We usually suffer more pain and muscle spasms in cold weather so those are helpful in cold weather. They can easily be pulled up under your hips to relieve back pain. Those are just a few ways that you can make nights easier and even get some sleep. they are not magic but neither do they harm you like too much pain medication does. They sound too simple but I can vouch for them as can many others. Once you get in the mindset of searching for ways to get around the pain and limitations of CES, life improves in many ways. There is life beyond CES, take it from this old great grandmother who has learned the hard way over many years. If I can offer any other experiences that might help, feel free to ask.