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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Lower body numbness w no pain

Hi, since May 11th i have been mostly numb from mid buttocks to the bottom of my feet but only on my backside, all front facing part have full sensation. I have no loss of function or strength, i just cannot feel my 'skin'. It's challenging to go to the bathroom since i cannot feel what im doing, but no incontinence or accidents. My feet feel like fat balloons about to burst if i put any weight on them so walking is a burden. I saw a spine surgeon and he basically told me there is nothing he can do and sent me to my primary care doc. She agrees that it sounds like CE and has put me on steroids.

Awaiting an ultrasound tomorrow and then likely an mri.

Has anyone had CE without pain????

I have had sciatica on and off for years so i am convinced this is somehow related.

Not sure what to do and if i need to be at the panic point.

Thanks, appreciate any feedback.

Re: Lower body numbness w no pain

I would think that you have been misdiagnosed with sciatica which was probably a symptom of CES.

I am experiencing a second occurrence after surgery 17 years ago, and numbness is a large part of it. Unfortunately, because of treatment to control residual pain, I now have the "spiders in the spine" (I think it's called something like "anachroditis").

I do hope you find answers you are looking for.

Re: Lower body numbness w no pain

I was diagnosed with CES in 2012 and was advised by my doctor that my surgery which I had in 2013 could remedy my CES. I had 3 herniated disc fused in the L5 area and continued to have the CES symptoms. I have numbness in my saddle area and in my lower legs and feet. The operation took care of the back pain, but the numbness remained to this day. My doctor warned me that the nerve damage may have already done permanent damage. I was told that the initial treatment for CES would need to be done within 48 hours of my diagnosis without a guarantee of success. I was able to work until it affected my ability to do a lot of walking, sitting, and standing. I have continued to lead as normal a lifestyle as possible after retiring last August. I am doing an exercise regiment despite of the numbness. The difficult thing is looking normal but really feeling affected by CES.Hope you can get support if you have this condition.