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pain at night

I had my first discectomy on the 2nd dec everything seemed to go well until 8 days later when I began to be in great pain speaking to my surgeon I was advised to go back to hospital for a mri scan which showed my disc had reprolasped so I was admitted and given emergency surgery on the 14th of Dec I was in agony when I woke up from the surgery on was given strong painkillers anyway on awaking on the 16th of Dec I was feeling numb from the waist down I got up to go the toilet and wet myself after getting back onto the hospital bed my right leg became numb I was rushed off for a mri and taken back into surgery very quickly this was done by the top surgeon and I was told I had ces I have never been the same again i am a 38yr old woman who is a mother of 2 I feel like my life has been shattered I walk with a stick and struggle to do everyday tasks night time is the worse I cannot sleep I wake up in bed every night in pure agony to by lower back groin legs and hips it's so unbearable I have to get up and go and try to sleep on my living room recliner I am still on morphine but I feel like this isn't working anymore I am awaiting app for pain clinic butter as I live in a small town everything seems to take ages of suffer slight incontinence more at night I would like to hear others stories I feel alone no one in my town has even hear of ces I battle contest pain every day my husband works away but my sister has been great please can anyone tell me if there pain is worse at night

Re: pain at night - by ejenn - Sep 7, 2017 11:22am
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