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CESSG Questions & Answers
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so when exactly do i freak out?

So I has spinal fusion #2 20 December 2016. It was to fix the failed hardware from L4-S1, as well as fuse L3 to the rest of the mess as L3 was moving in and out of place about 11mm. Good times.
Prior to surgery, I was experiencing gradual onset of CES. Since surgery, things overall could not be better. My legs are stronger, no more debilitating nerve pain down both legs, and I can walk & stand without wanting to shoot myself.
The bone graft site is absolutely miserable, but I endure because it should eventually get better.
However, in the last few days, I'm having random saddle numbness on the left. Before surgery, it was positional. Now it seems to strike regardless of my position, though I can move a bit and get it to subside fairly easily. But it's happened whilst sitting, standing, and lying down, whereas before it only happened whilst seated.
It doesn't last long at all, but it's now been 3 days in a row. I called the surgeon yesterday and he wasn't concerned but did give instruction to monitor and let them know if it gets worse.
That's just a bit too arbitrary for my taste. I desperately need this to not fail. I'm only 45, I'm an outdoorsy, wander around the mountains, type of person. And so excited about my nerve pain being gone. And so determined to not go through this again.
Has anyone else had this experience? When would you start to panic? I hate to call the surgeon again when I just called yesterday. I hate coming across as paranoid!
Thank you so much in advance.