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Re: Cauda Equina & Active Denervation

Dear Zach,

I missed your reply until I have just this very moment clicked onto this site to see if there was anything doing??.....If you should by any chance pick up on this then I would be grateful for your comments again.

Since October last year I have attended various hospital clinics and been dealt with by many professionals all of whom I have asked did they know what "Active Denervation" professional was the actual lead in the hospital "Pain Clinic" who readily admitted she had never heard of this but promised to research it - all my G.P. primary care Doctors have stated they have no knowledge but would read up to gain information but not one has responded .....Not one professional apart from the Doctor who performed the Electrophysiology test has had any knowledge and I include Neurologists in this!!!.

On a personal note it bloody well infuriates me when Doctors in the Emergency room see me in a wheelchair and they point at the chair in what I see as a nasty manner and ask "What's this for" as if I had no right to be using it...I try my best to explain what "Active Denervation" is and how it affects me, (please don't get me wrong - I do not have a chip on my shoulder and I try to be as accommodating as any one else) but like I say - I find this whole question infuriating.....just what is "Active Denervation"....what is it's cause and what is the end result if it relentlessly continues in the way it has I have very limited mobility now which has progressed since last October, I have shallow breathing with a low oxygen count...I have also noticed swallowing is becoming a problem and at times I find myself gagging for no apparent reason. At the moment I find it of no use going to see my G.P. with any such symptoms as the usual hint is that it's all psychological....perhaps it is....I wished it was......I know differently.

Well Zach - there's enough for a conference in this lot....Best of luck with your research and once sorry I missed your response last October.

Cheers, Alan

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