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Re: Cauda Equina & Active Denervation

I am an American clinician in California and surgical PA who has had CES and mostly recovered. I can help you find resources to answer your question, but we need to clarify terms.

Denervation is the action of removing nerves. Degenerative nerve conditions such as myasthenia gravis are the destruction of nerves but without the removal of them.

So, with that in mind, can you relay your question again so that I can better help you with it?

Also, yes. I've experienced explaining symptoms to uninformed clinicians in my experience as well and had I not had a medical education prior to developing CES, I'd probably be confined to a wheel chair right now.

CES awareness is vitally important, because since my case only two short years ago, I have personally diagnosed it in two other patients. So I think it's not as rare as people originally thought it was.



Re: Cauda Equina & Active Denervation - by Alan - Feb 28, 2017 4:33pm
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