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Re: Spondylolisthesis

Hi Joy,

Best of luck with the procedure on 14th November....we will be rooting for you.

Spondylolithesis.... A difficult word to spell let alone say!!! but I have got so used to it, it now flows off the tongue...First and foremost.....get help A.S.A.P. and please don't ignore this!!!!, as you know, the vertebrate has slipped, they have a grading scale such as 1 to 5 with a grade one Spondylolithesis being of a 25% slippage, do you know what grade you have been diagnosed with) - this could possibly further compromise the spinal canal - have you got bilateral spinal stenosis with this as well??....I have Spondylolithesis at L5/S1, Bilateral Spinal Stenosis and also Active Denervation in both legs, my numbness and difficulty in walking tends to make you ignore any other aches and pains, sadly much to my cost, I have ignored these aches and pains in the legs and calf's shrugging them off as, "I suppose this is what we have to expect" ..alas, I have just been diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease in both legs....I now await investigations as to what extent this will affect me, this disease we commonly share has no bounds, so my advice would be; not to hesitate but seek medical advise immediately...By the way, I am a layman with no medical knowledge whatsoever so my advice has no qualifications, I have to state this due to the nature of this world we live in.

I Hope you seek medical advice and I trust you will have a good outcome, please keep us all informed.

Best Wishes, Alan

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