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Hello, Everyone,

I have many back problems and was recently diagnosed with spondylolisthesis in my lumbar spine. I am scheduled for surgery on November 14th.

My concern is that my chronic pain in the lower back has gotten worse and has shifted. When evaluating my pain levels I have answered with a "10" several times in the last two weeks. The pain has also shifted to my right buttocks and just stays there. My body from the lumbar spine downward feels like I am carrying cement and my walking is drastically restricted due to it.

Upon rising from a lying or sitting down position, the pain is so severe that I often cry and even scream. I am no stranger to back pain but this is the worst of the worst.

My question is: Do you feel this shift and severity of pain merits a trip to the ER?
I am totally at a loss for assessing this matter and I do not want to further harm my spine by not seeking help.

Any advice or opinions are welcome.

Thank you!

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