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Squatty Potty

The news had an interesting item for all those who suffer incredibly from constipation/impaction issues... meaning most CES patients due to use of opiates for pain. One brand name is "Squatty Potty" found on Amazon but rather expensive. However, it would be easy to make one of plywood to fit the curve of ones own toilet bowl. The idea came from a woman who suffered from constipation her entire life and had found no lasting relief. Based on the Chinese use of pits where people squat to evacuate, she gave it a try and was so delighted she gave samples to friends and relatives, saying it beat Metamucil all to pieces. They are now millionaires with a factory producing every day, selling over Amazon and other venues.

The explanation is that squatting relaxes the muscle that gives control over the emptying of the bowel. We all know extreme pressure to force evacuation is dangerous for our health so this seemed worth posting. After all, it costs nothing to give it a test by using some blocks to raise the feet so that the person is in a true squatting position, as if evacuating outside in the bush. Commercially they are available in both wood and plastic versions, with extras added and for mobility. But easy to facimilate long enough to see if it is helpful for those of us suffering the nightmare of constipation and impaction.

Good Luck to All!


Re: Squatty Potty - by Alan - Aug 26, 2016 4:58pm
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