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Is there a bigger problem here?

Hi everyone, i hope you can help, i have been experiencing on and off back problems for over 10 years now, ever since a few car accidents in my young days when i was between 19 and 21 ( im 31 now), initially i had physio and exercise on referral after my 1st car accident, but ever since that and after a few more accidents (only 1 was my fault lol) i keep getting issues with my back, mainly in the lower area, numbness and pins and needles in my saddle area and legs, have once completely lost both legs for a few seconds whilst getting up from a lying down position and fell to the floor but got instantly back to my feet like nothing was wrong. the shooting pains in my back mainly shoot downwards but sometimes upwards but prominently shoot around the area of my lower back. i do also get constant aching during episodes in my back and legs. episodes usually flair up after a "comfortable" nights sleep and i get a twinge in my back when i get up, or if my weight is off center like if im bending over (but never with lifting or holding any weight) and then suddenly a twinge and thats it.. pain for weeks, shooting pains whenever im off my centre of gravity, the numbness in the saddle area can happen anytime, usually while im sitting down ( with or without having the twinge prior and not sitting in an awkward position either), same with numbness in legs and the achy feeling in my legs and the constant on and off feeling of pattering scalding water on my skin (wierd feeling).. all previously mentioned symptoms can happen on their own or all together and i have been having on average 6 to 7 episodes a year but they have been and are gradually getting more frequent. i have seen the quack and been referred to another physio where i have been diagnosed with "persistent pain" and have diazapam and co-codamol to help when it flares up (but it dont touch it). i have explained all my symptoms to the docs and have seen the docs nearly every time ive had an episode, i have asked about getting an xray or mri or some sort of scan but just get made to feel stupid for asking for one, saying it will be a waste and it wont find anything (from square 1 with all this including after the accidents, one being a 4 car pile up, i have never been given a scan, xray or nothing.. ive just meen poked and prodded and said to mmmm yeah... here you go (hand over pain killers).. and in all honestly i feel like something more is going on... can anyone help.. should i go and scream down and protest in the doctors waiting room? help please. thankyou in advance, Richard... just to add, i havent had loss of bowl or bladder, but have had the wierd sensation of needing to go when i dont (or cant) and have at times had a slight impairment of sexual function but not permenently...

Re: Is there a bigger problem here? - by ejenn - Jul 21, 2016 9:07pm
Re: Is there a bigger problem here? - by Alan - Jul 22, 2016 4:19am
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