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Is the sufferer entitled to compensation for medical malpractice?


My sister had a fall a few weeks back. She was able to walk off. But the next day she started feeling severe low back pain and was unable to bend. We took her to the hospital and the doctor gave medicine for muscle spasm. After 3 weeks we again met the doctor as her pain started to differ, and developed bowel inconsistency. The doctor changed the medicine and forwarded us to a chiropractor. However, the chiropractor recommended us to see another doctor as he felt something wrong. The new doctor after initial diagnosis, ruled that she is having Cauda Equina Syndrome. He told me she requires immediate surgery. The surgery went fine last monday. She is on her path of recovery. But I don't know what difficulties is she going to face post surgery. A friend knows a medical malpractice lawyer in our city. He is insisting on filing a lawsuit against the previous doctor. But he was very supportive and friendly throughout the period. Does she have a case of medical negligence here and if so what compensation is she going to get for it?

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