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Re: Can excercise worsen CES?

Alan said it all when he said no two people are alike so first, listen to your doctor as to what is safe for you; second, learn to recognize your body responses and then heed them. I know from experience that rehab, while successful in some ways, was helpful for me; on the other hand my "bad leg" and lower back have never recovered completely from the stress put on my leg. Intentions were to strengthen it but guess what, that hip joint and sciatic nerve did not agree. So learning to recognize what your body is telling you is one of the best things you can do for yourself over the long term. We all press beyond what we know is okay at times but then when "payday" strikes we know exactly why we have what we call "payback pain." One reminder, you can't make CES go away by exercise but you can make life and mobility easier with exercise if it is done in moderation. Case in point: I recall a couple of early members who worsened their condition by insisting exercise would bring back their strength and mobility; one went on a mountain hike and caused damage that caused loss of mobility; another was told not to play baseball, which had been his passion before CES changed his life. He was just sure he had improved enough and did it anyway which caused further injury. So listen to your doctor or physio tech and then determine as time goes by which exercises work best for you. As a long term CES patient, my experience is to listen to your body and let it dictate what you can do and what causes more pain. CES so variable from one patient to the next that it is impossible to give one answer that fits everyone. But learning to listen to what your body is trying to tell you is one rule that works for everyone.

Best of luck to you!! Life after CES can sometimes be a challenge but I assure you, life can be good and very satisfying - well worth waking up to a new day!


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