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Re: Alen, Ejenn, Mrs. C,Linda, all

Hi Amanda, thanks for your support and ivite....being a whisper away from being an octogenarian the activety (or lack of it) at present on the CESSG forum suits my lifestyle to a T.

I am so happy to hear of your robotic legs and actually walking an hour a day....that is so good for your muscles and anything that provides mobility is a glad you have got them and they are doing the job,good luck to you.

I wish your foundation all the success that it deserves and that it provides your members with the help that I know you will strive to give them.

Best wishes, all the best, Alanxx

Re: Alen, Ejenn, Mrs. C,Linda, all - by ejenn - Jun 4, 2016 4:12pm
Re: Alen, Ejenn, Mrs. C,Linda, all - by Linda - Sep 17, 2016 11:52am
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