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Re: Can excercise worsen CES?

Hi Sarah,

If this was me I would check in with my Doctor asap and talk through your feelings with the latest situation.....So soon after surgery - all things CES related are long term treatment/recovery, we are talking nerves here....No doubt you were given specific exercises to do by the hospital following your surgery so don't exacerbate the good by overdoing things - talk to the Doc..

I do simple stretch exercises twice daily - Given me by the hospital physiotherapist some 7 years ago....If I miss doing them I have payback in terms of added pain and loss of mobility......we are all very different so what works for one is no good for another....don't risk it - check with your Doctor.

Best wishes, Alan

Re: Can excercise worsen CES? - by ejenn - Jun 4, 2016 4:04pm
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