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Re: Are progressive / intermittent symptoms possible

Hi there Eloise,

That's really helpful and you are right about thighs being higher than buttocks - as it just pulls a lot more on the lower back. I hadn't thought of a wedge cushion. I had sat on my hands in previous attempts, but I can't then stop myself moving forward when I need to, as my hands aren't free.

To be honest I can't take any pressure on my lower back. It feels unstable/ it moves around and the joint locks out of place as well. I was reading about some people in Norway- who've started a group for sufferers who also can't sit- for back problems and other illnesses, who hire big traveller vans- like American tourists often use, so a mattress can be put in and they travel to appointments in that. They are pricey to hire, but I'm also thinking of trying it.

It's really good of you to write again. Are a lot of people on this forum using the Yahoo email as well to keep in touch?

Bye for now. Thank you.

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