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Re: Are progressive / intermittent symptoms possible

I happened to re-read your post and realized I had missed one problem you mentioned, that of not being able to travel because of the pain, etc. Perhaps what has worked for others might at least help you also. Have you tried a GOOD wedge shaped cushion, meaning one that doesn't go flat after a few uses. Most car seats have the buttocks lower than the legs and that causes pressure on the thighs, causing numbness and a lot more pain. it is not a cure-all but it does help. I keep one in the car at all times; it is extremely helpful to take one with you when going to doctor appointments or to restaurants, etc.-- anywhere there are hard seats where you have to wait. If you find one with a "strap" across the back, it makes it easy to carry with you for inside use. They needn't be the most expensive - I finally found a good one at low price because it was endorsed by a heavy-weight truck driver. I figured if his was still good after 7 years it must be worth it. If the lift of the cushion is not enough to take the pressure off your lower thighs, you can do as another member does, add a roll of towels or something else under it until you get the relief you need. it does make necessary traveling easier - I never leave home without my cushion in the car.... it might as well be rooted there as far as I'm concerned. P.S. One of those rolled neck cushions also helps with traveling... I have a foam one I wouldn't part with, even useful at home in recliners. Hope those little tips might help.

That's one of the main assets offered by this forum - shared information among members about what has helped them cope with CES symptoms in everyday life. Only people who live with the syndrome can come up with this stuff - and when it can cause no harm, why not give it a try?

Good Luck

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