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Re: Completely confused

Hello Trisha,

I may not be able to advise you but at least I can exchange what my situation is....By the way, welcome to our little group that used to be a large one a couple of years or so ago, I like to think every one has made a wonderful recovery got well and got on with their lives which could explains the loss of so many members....alas.... there are other sites that have taken prominence, at least we don't ask for subscriptions....

My problems stemmed from a spinal operation that was completed using a spinal anaesthetic after which I remained completely paralyzed from the waist downwards, I went through the usual M.R.I's. - CAT scans and Neurophysiology studies emg's...eventually over a long, long period of time I began to regain movement but with very limited sensations, complete bladder incontinence with partial faecal incontinence, I average 1,500 ml of urine output overnight - at times this can drop drastically to a minimum of 100ml at which stage I have to monitor output versus time, if there is no improvement I have a portable "Foley" catheter which I can either present at a medical centre or ER room to have inserted....I am unable to do this myself due to Paraethesia and Anaesthesia in both arms, hands/fingers.

You have quite a lot wrong with your spine and spinal cord, symptoms may well replicate those of Cauda Equina and in this respect it's simply wordology that separates the two for you will probably suffer exactly the same symptoms and this can be so frustrating especially when dealing with some of our so called medical experts who diagnose you on a sort of tick box system but MRI is the recognised standard for detailed investigation.....So what am I trying to say...for a very careful with regard to urine output, do all you can to prevent UTI's, suffering things like E Coli along with kidney infection such as Pylonephritis can be very damaging (I have suffered both of these) and keep your hydration level good, drink plenty of fluids, cut back on caffeine increase drinking water, do your research or get advice from your Doctor....Remember...I am not qualified to give any kind of advice, I am simply a layman, I am just a fellow sufferer. Keep a close check on any newly developing symptoms and if you are in the slightest of doubt go to see a Doc immediately or visit a ER.

I wish you the very best for a reasonable can take a long time, be as positive as you can..

Very Best Wishes, Alan

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