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Re: Are progressive / intermittent symptoms possible

Hi there Eloise,

How kind of you to reply. Thank you. I think you've confirmed what my instincts already knew. I've read so much on the internet but unless someone understands what you're talking about -it's hard to trust that you have understood etc. You've really helped me though. I think there are huge issues here in terms of ignorance and brushing this under the carpet with the Healthcare professionals. It all comes down to money. I was left high and dry when I was told I cpuldnt have the surgery - with no warnings or precautions to take while I took the osteoporosis treatment. No-one has written in my notes that certain activities will make this worse. My notes are so poor I wouldn't dare attempt to claim money for not being able to work the last 6 years. I'm totally dependent on my partner and family. My pattner has now herniated a disc, so his future is looking precarious as well. Have you got osteoporosis too? You mentioned it in your reply.

Out of interest I've read a lot about how lower spine injury patients are made worse by the way they are transported to hospital. Most end up worse than when they went in. There's so much ignorance and no-one cares!

Thanks again for your reply. Take care for now.

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