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Re: Are progressive / intermittent symptoms possible

You may already know that MRI's are the Golden Standard for diagnosing CES, regardless of the cause.

Yes, there is definitely a form of this syndrome called slow onset CES. It does not begin with an accident, trauma or from a failed surgery but from a narrowing of the spinal column. So it is so slow in being diagnosed that nerve damage is permanent so surgery is not an option. Also, one can have osteoporosis, arthritis and CES combined, believe me, I know from personal experience. None of us offer medical advice, only relate what we know from living with CES on a daily basis and from what we learn for ourselves. --This may not be comforting but symptoms are as varied as is CES itself -- which nerves have been damaged and how severely, and length of time before treatment. Many of us sympathize with you because urine retention is dangerous and overflow is hard to deal with in social situation. Same with colon and sexual problems - there are many helpful ways to cope but as with CES, nothing works for everybody all the time. You can gain a lot of useful information for daily coping here but in the end, it takes practice and patience to find what works for you. The symptoms you describe are frequent for anyone who has what is termed "saddle numbness." Numbness in the areas that would touch a saddle as well as extending into legs, feet and toes. Muscle spasms can be part of the lower leg issues but there are proven methods of coping with them.

Please feel free to rant and rave, make suggestions, or ask anything about the symptoms of CES... nothing is off limits as it relates to CES and no one will be offended because every one of us understands. Our number have dwindled but those who remain are like family and we care. Think of the glass as half full rather than half empty and life will look better, I promise. Attitude is the most important factor in dealing with the daily problems of CES.

I care


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