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Completely confused

Hi. My name is Trisha. This is my first post. I have an unusual case and have not been able to get answers. I apologize for my long post.

Two years ago I was awaiting brain surgery. My surgeon insisted on Lumbar Puncture which i had had difficulty w b4 and did it (unsupervised resident). few hours after LP could not move my left foot then right foot also and within hours could not move either leg from ankles to toes and it has been permanent.

My MRI done 4 days after showed just spinal stenois and bulging discs but nothing severe. Later they diagnosed it as a bilateral distal spinal cord injury caused by b12 deficiency.

I am 2 years out and now i had my first bladder accident and completely lost control of my bladder and didn't know i did for at least an hour. i have issues eliminating my bladder and even after 10 hrs of sleep only 250ml is the most i can pee in am or at anytime. i have had issues w bilateral sciatica pain, numbness on both feet and back of legs and heels as well as pins and needles in my private area. bowels empty but mostly by either diarrhea or constipation occurs.

I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation. i had no sign of hematoma 4 days after the issue but many doctors think it must have been related to LP but can't figure out how?

Id appreciate anyones help. thank you.

Re: Completely confused - by Alan - Mar 18, 2016 1:52pm
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