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CESSG Questions & Answers

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CESSG Questions & Answers
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How to Join private CESSG group on Yahoo!!!

Hello All! Welcome to our PUBLIC FORUM !!!!

I just wanted to let anyone interested in the PRIVATE group to know you would have to email me privately at

Our private group is set up on The BEST way to join the group is to have your own email address and member ID set up through Yahoo (it's free) and then EMAIL me directly from the yahoo email.

If you do not want a member ID at Yahoo - you will only be able to receive the member's posts, you will not be able to read the information on the private group site or the archives. If this is ok with you, then email from any email address that you would want the private posts to be received - keeping in mind that we get LOTS of posts, sometimes up to 50 a day or more !!!

On Yahoogroups you CANNOT find the group by searching the groups section, as I keep it OUT of the search engines. There are other CES groups on yahoogroups, but they are not as active as our group.

So - if you would like to join the private group, please feel free to email me, tell me a bit about your situation and I can send you out an invite.

Take care !