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Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting

Welcome! This is mainly a "local" forum for American Civil War cavalry reenactors in the Pacific Northwest. It will have dates of events and trainings as well as any items of interest.

Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting
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McClellan Saddle Help

I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. I am doing some research for my grandmother, who has a McClellan and is interested in selling it. I have no idea how to go about finding out which saddle this is or where to even help her sell it.

Here's what she has told me: It's a Civil War McClellan Saddle, and it's been issued 3 times, and has the initials underneath to show that.

I have one picture, but will probably need to take better ones myself. I did find websites to help identify which year it could be, but since I don't know what the different parts of the saddle are called, it doesn't really help me much. The site's pictures help a little, but the different saddles look pretty similar to me, so I can't understand the differences.

If anyone at all could at least point me in the right direction, it would be a huge help.

Thank you so much!

Re: McClellan Saddle Help

i think i can help i live in Vancouver WA 360 773 6653 on the saddle

Re: McClellan Saddle Help

Thanks! I think I will actually have my grandmother contact you, since she will know everything about the saddle, whereas I would most likely be saying "I'm not sure..."