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Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting

Welcome! This is mainly a "local" forum for American Civil War cavalry reenactors in the Pacific Northwest. It will have dates of events and trainings as well as any items of interest.

Forum: Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting
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Ancestor of 9th Virginia Trooper

hey whats up yall, i was surfing the internet the other day and discovered your guys website. Im the great great grandson of John N. Peed "Tannie" who was the chief bugler for the 9th. He was in company I which was a unit mainly from king george county virginia. Recently his letters have been posted on a notre dame website
They are a great source of information for reenactors like yall with anywhere from a depiction of daily life in the 9th, to cavalry drill, and even a detailed account of the seven days, fredericksburg, chancellorsville and gettysburg campaigns.
Personally he was a model soldier, never absent from duty and present on every role. I was wondering if the administrator of this website could link to this notre dame website...
thanks yall


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