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Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting

Welcome! This is mainly a "local" forum for American Civil War cavalry reenactors in the Pacific Northwest. It will have dates of events and trainings as well as any items of interest.

Forum: Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting
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Civil War Research

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am conducting research on the evolution of Cavalry doctrine during the American Civil War. Despite having spent 24 years in the (Armored) cavalry and having survived a change of command ceremony in the 1st Cavalry Division (Thank God the horse knew what to do!) I know very little about horses. I would like to learn about the practical side of horse cavalry operations (e.g. load limits for horses, the effect of heat/muddy roads on horses, dietary requirements on campaign, sustained march speeds or any other information that would affect cavalry operations). I would be grateful for any assistance provided.

Dan Peterjohn

Re: Civil War Research - by Linneus Ahearn - Jun 28, 2005 8:43am
Re: Re: Civil War Research - by Dan Peterjohn - Jul 10, 2005 5:00pm
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