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Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting

Welcome! This is mainly a "local" forum for American Civil War cavalry reenactors in the Pacific Northwest. It will have dates of events and trainings as well as any items of interest.

Pacific Northwest Cavalry Reenacting
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Wanting to contact the 9th Virginia

I am trying, without much sucess to contat the 9th about joining them for the 4th of July. Would someone please contact me by Email from that unit? We miss being a part of this group and want to touch base with them again.

Thank you

Re: Wanting to contact the 9th Virginia

Hi Kathy, If you and Aaron wish to come join us at Willamette Mission you must be a member of NCWC and the 9th Virginia. You can join the 9th by sending me a downloaded printed form or when you get to the event and you can also do the same for the NCWC.

The 9th is now two companies. Dismounted company C, under the command of Captain Jason Randall and mounted company E, under my command. Civilians are also their own "company" as well. Same people though

Come on out if you can make it, but be aware of the need to join up before you take part and let us know if you need tent space. Sorry my email has been on the fritz and I have not been able to send to anyone.

Capt. Ahearn