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We invite you to share your stories, thoughts, memories, and names of those lost here. We do however ask that you are respectful of the sensitive topics and stories that people will share here.


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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Movie - A Wakening Of The Trailblazer (Dua

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Movie - A Wakening Of The Trailblazer (Dua >

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Movie - A Wakening Of The Trailblazer (Dua

2091 shows a much younger Aeolia Schenberg talking to a colleague named E.A. Billy exprssed interest in stopping the ELS attacks on Earth. Graham Aker, now partially assimilated, decides to believe in a better future for humanity and sacrificed himself to create a large hole using Trans-Am for Setsuna to connect to the core of the ELS ship using the Quantum System. Patrick wanted to join Kati for the tour and she felt he could use some experience and brought him to tag along. Setsuna wondered why Ribbons was there and fired shots that would have killed a normal person, including a shot through the center of the forehead and two in the femoral artery. Setsuna rushed to the bridge of Ptolemy and asked how long it would take the ELS to reach Earth. Tieria gave him treatment to repair the damaged tissue, but he wasn't sure if Setsuna would gain all of his memories when he woke back up again.

The Solbraves kept the ELS busy while Ptolemy receives the cockpit of 00 Raiser (which had an unconscious Setsuna inside) from Gundam Zabanya. A. In space, Marina and Shirin returned from Colony SOE, having successfully negotiated the return of the middle eastern citizens to Azadistan, returned to Earth as Shirin couldn't believe that aliens were attacking Earth. The two units then rejoined with an unknown Gundam (CB-002 Raphael Gundam) which ran on GN Drive Taus. The film was released in Japan on September 18, and was ranked at #3 in its first weekend with US$2,260,690 on just 88 screens. It was later dropped from #3 to #7 in its second weekend with US $910,346 on 88 screens. After its third weekend, it remained at #7 and earned US $666,411 on 88 screens. It has later dropped from #7 to #8 with US $458,666 in its fourth weekend. In its fifth weekend, it had dropped from #8 to #13, earning up to $221,329. In its sixth weekend it has dropped from #13 to #14 and earned $104,813. In its seventh week, the film remained in #14 and earned $354,442. In its eight weekend, the film is no longer listed in the box office charts. The film has now earned a total of $9,244,127. 'On Celestial Being, Billy and Mehna arrive and are greeted by Kati. With the ELS surrounding him and assimilated both his physical body and the Raphael, Tieria activated its Trans-Am and set it to overload, causing the Raphael to self-destruct and taking most of the ELS with him, however most of them survived but was destroyed by The Sol Brave Squadron, led by Graham Aker, and escape with the Ptolemaios. To receive medical treatment and to be close to one another, Saji had taken an engineering job at the HRL elevators and placed Louise in a nearby hospital to be close in case of emergencies.

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