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General & Collecting News
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6373janice - one of many alias's used by Mulliner from Telford.

Do an advanced search on e-bay under sellers completed listings on the above I.D.
This will show you the extent to which fakes are entering our hobby. Mulliner now has a production line in his shed by the look of it!! This search will show you the variation of his styles and methods. He is getting good with it now. And most are selling at £10 to unwary collectors. He "warns" buyers that members of NMMA will contact them to make "false" allegations of fakery. So they still believe they have bought genuine articles. He is making £200-£300 a week at least selling fakes.

Watch out! Watch out! There's a Faker about - MULLINER FROM TELFORD.


6373janice as above, one of Mulliner, THE FAKER's, alias's is currently listing around a dozen of his fake embossed checks from various obscure "pits", all at £9.99. Have a look at them, under see sellers other items for janice, and see his common style and you will be able to spot any further ones that come up under any of his alias's . Most serious collectors will laugh at these pieces of rubbish - genuine checks from pits like these would be a minimum of £100+ and deluged with bids. So the amateur / new collectors should ask themselves why serious collectors are not bothering with them - easy answer - cos they are fakes!!! Also the stamping style is common between all these pieces of tat, which would never happen on checks from pits miles apart and years apart in operation.
Please ensure everyone you know in collecting circles know about these latest offerings.
One guy at the last NMMA meeting showed us checks he had bought from this clown, thinking they were kosher, and was most disapointed when we showed him they were mulliner "embossed" fake rubbish, so all beware!
Some of our members are doing an excellent job contacting unwary buyers of this rubbish and pointing out their mistake, most of them agree and are very gratefull for the information. Full marks and appreciation to those in our hobby who care, and go the extra mile!! We need more of our members to do their bit, instead of keeping their heads below the parapets.


Really rattled old faker Bill, Mulliners, cage with the above post.
He has e-mailed all NMMA members saying info is wrong. Yes the checks were not on sale on the day my post above was put on, they had ended, but look up seller 6373janice and tick completed listings and you will find 26 ended listings for the last 15 days and 24 of them are blatent fake rubbish, mainly of his "new" embossed offerings. Times that number up over the years and you will realise how many fakes this old fraud has put into our hobby, and how many collectors he has duped. However I have no sympathy for some known collectors, who have been warned, are aware they are buying fakes, but still do it, They are as mad as Mulliner!!
He has also sent me several fake misleading e-mails that look as though they have come from other NMMA members, but they are all from him with slightly altered addresses. So if you get unsolicited e-mails from familiar names that are slightly odd, assume they are from Mulliner the Mad, Bad, Old Billy No Mates Fraudster.