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NMMA Facebook Pages

Dear All

Due to complaints about recent attacks on this Forum from a certain well known faker of mining checks the NMMA has now set up a secure members only area where the likes of news about fake checks etc. can be posted and accessed by all. To keep this area free from bogus and anonymous entries only invited NMMA members with known and valid e-mail addresses will be able to make postings on this web site.

To view the new web pages go to the NMMA Facebook page.

The NMMA Forum page will be open again shortly for the discussion of none faking related subject matter. All future anonymous Forum posts plus those from suspected trouble makers will be deleted.

NMMA members who wish to contribute comments to the new Facebook page should

1) Have or create their own Facebook account. This is a very simple task and enables you to keep all of your personnal details fully secure and private.
2) Request permission to join the group via the Facebook page link or the NMMA Secretary (Jeremy Winter).

Happy New Year

NMMA Webmaster

Re: NMMA Facebook Pages


If the object of this new face book facility is to warn of fakes, then I don’t think this wall will be any good for posting warnings to new or inexperienced collectors to steer clear of fakes. How are they going to all be able to join the site when they are not “known”. And if and when they do - the problem is, as I have just found, is that when you join the facebook site as a friend, it lets all and sundry onto your own “private” wall and then things private of family things and messages become general public access.

Needs deeper thought if the object is to warn of unsavoury activity in our hobby.

Also Mark, can we have the "rules of the game" for posting that will not upset those members who read forums but never comment or try to stop unsavoury activity in OUR hobby. If anyone objects to what is fairly written to protect collectors, its same as a TV programme they don't like, switch to another channel!!

It still needs something like a straightforward post for every fake that is offered anywhere, along the lines of - "look very carefully at item no ------ and also consult with long time collectors about its authenticity"

Whilst you have had this forum locked many many new collectors have bought fakes that will stop in our circuit for decades. One Guy turned up at the meeting at Elsecar on Sunday proudly showing two of the recent "embossed" fakes.

What is going to be done about this activity?
How a bouts Jeremy having a poll at the next meeting, or a post out poll, with straightforward questions about fakery warnings (not a politicians poll with questions loaded to a required result!!!)


Re: NMMA Facebook Pages

I agree with Charles on the pit checks that are being sold
On the auction site, in regard that charles already has them
In his collection, and with regard to mining lamps that are
Pulled of before the ordinary people have a chance to do a deal
On them, but more important is the badges that are being sold
At the moment, first it was anniversary badges now we are
Flooded with blatant reproduction miners strike badges so
Called referring to brians book, the situation is that if a
Badge is a good seller then we will have another 50 made up.


Re: NMMA Facebook Pages

why aint they 50 emley moors or wistows then?.

Re: NMMA Facebook Pages


I am trying to have a sensible discussion with members re the biggest threat to our hobby in it's existence

The perpetrator under one of his many alias's - manchester - is kicking off his he-say she-say again. Just delete anyone who does not comply with straightforward sensible, constructive discussion.

Re: NMMA Facebook Pages & Rules of Posting


As a users guide to the Forum;

1) I'm happy to delete provocative postings from potential trouble makers and dubious characters.
2) It has also been suggested that entries that get posted without a valid e-mail address being given should also be deleted. This would appear to be a good suggestion and one that I'm prepared to act on in future.
3) The subject of fake memorabilia should be kept to one area of the Forum (i.e. General & Collecting News) only. If posted in the other two sections they will be delete.

If users have any other suggestions for posting rules I'm open to suggestions.

NMMA Webmaster

Re: NMMA Facebook Pages & Rules of Posting

I agree with the points you make.

Postings that are provocative and unfounded personal innuendoes should be deleted.
Accusations of untoward activity that are outside known proof amongst our members should be deleted.

Posts, for doubtful items, should be, as you say in one section only, warning of dubious items, and should be along the lines I mentioned - Item No ----- should be inspected carefully. You are advised to ask a long term collector and member of the NMMA about its probable authenticity. Proceed with care.

No post should be left on the forum without a proper e-mail address attached. E-mail addresses posted should be inspected by members for connectivity and of the correct person - we have seen cloning of genuine e-mail addresses - so all members inspect all they can and advise Mark of suspect ones.

It would be nice if people could post under their real names, however if people are too reticent to post under real names, at least use ones that are not provocative. We all know that the majority of Lancashire place names and Alderley Edge Mine related ones are the current Faker himself.

Any more suggestions from genuine collectors and members of NMMA?