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Items related to Enoch Edwards


My name is Bill Edwards and I live in the United States. I am a descendant of Enoch Edwards. I would like to track down and purchase a badge that bears his image on a North Stafford Miners Federation badge. Circa 1912? That was the year he died. I would like to get one as a gift for my father. Any help would be appreciated. Nothing on eBay (UK) currently. Please feel free to spread the word of my request. I can be reached at:

Thank you in advance!

PS: Would also be interested in anything else related (makes mention of and/or likeness of) Enoch Edwards!

Re: Items related to Enoch Edwards

Hi again,

Also looking for another type of North Staffordshire Miners' Federation badge. This one signified that the wearer was a paid up member, either up to or commencing from June of 1903. The obverse bears an impression of a Staffordshire knot while the reverse depicts the full frontal portrait of Enoch Edwards.

Thank you,

Bill Edwards

PS: Also still looking for one more 1912 badge with Enoch Edwards, and anything else related to him!

Re: Items related to Enoch Edwards

Hi all,

I have enough of the 1912 badge of Enoch Edwards. Still looking for his 1903 badge, and anything else related to him.

Thank you.

Bill Edwards