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Mining Checks, Tallies, Tokens & Medals
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Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

330935918735 looks like a rare check and bidding is high.But the two main bidders have retracted bids in the past.
The one in the lead at the moment (Tuesday lunch)has retracted 14 bids in the last 6 months and retracted TWO on this check!!!!
The other has retracted 3 in the last 6 months.

WE WATCH WITH INTEREST ???????????????????????????????????????

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

Today (Wednesday) the check has been withdrawn as not for sale.
The bidder that had already 14 retracted bids was the highest bidder at £170.And he retracted his bid again.It stinks of shill bidding that backfired.

These are now at £16 with the shill bidder being the highest bidder, from the same seller.

We watch with interest, AGAIN.

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

Another one

Item 370813591129 wand science book … second hand value £30
12 bids the winning bidder had 1 bid retraction on this sale and has
13 bid retractions in the last 6 months, the book sold for £107 ….dodgy

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

Please have a look at item 161045405072 POWELL DUFFRYNN.
It may be genuine but looks very similar to some very well known fakes that keep cropping up.The seller is a very reputable seller.
Perhaps some one could let us know.

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

Fforchaman Colliery

Cwmaman near Aberdare in the

Rhondda Valley South Wales

Powell Duffryn

Steam Coal Co Ltd

Miners Check #18. This is the same check that is in the Fake and Fantasy list, in the picture gallery above.
So someone has got fed up with it and decided to sell it on.
Luckily the seller has been told about it and has withdrawn the picture and added the email at the bottom.
This seller is a highly trusted seller who would not have entertained it had he/she known.
P,S.At the moment there are two bids on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

Perhaps the Yorkshire Mafia cannot put a bid on this check.

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!


Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

The Picture is back on, and now 3 bids have gone on this
genuine pit check, sold by a top European coin dealer.
Thats the POWELL DUFFRYN Miners check 161045405072

Re: Quite a rare check with dubious bidders !!!

why did he put bidder id protected on this check and not on any other of his items?