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Mining Checks, Tallies, Tokens & Medals
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Re: Put your money where your mouth is.

Dear all
Bond 008 is quite right to describe me as gullible, and I do feel that I have been caught in the trap laid by the forger. I am not a collector of checks particularly, although I have one from Agecroft colliery. I collect ephemera and historic items from the Irwell Valley and that includes that part of Clifton that includes the Wet Earth Colliery. I already have a few genuine items and I was aware of just two checks from this site. It was clearly my hope that I had come across a third. The collectors at NMMA will at least understand that desire to own something rare. This is what the forger is depending on of course, hoping that we will suspend our disbelief in the hope that it turns out to be a genuine check. Bond 008 is right to point out that a knowledgeable collector would not be fooled...but I have not yet gained that knowledge. Buyer beware indeed.
The check is on its way to CarnaudMetalbox Engineers for analysis. They are part of the Crown empire of engineering businesses.
Sending e-mails is one thing. Taking the lead role in this business is quite another. Thanks to all the guys who have contacted me either through this medium or directly. I gave my full contact details in my first e-mail and this has proved to be useful for those with a concern for privacy. That privacy will be respected as information is collected.
Thankyou NMMA members.

Re: Dominic Jones

A few days ago I bought a Wet Earth Colliery pay check from the scoundrel from Telford referred to here. There was an exchange of e-mails before the end of the e-bay auction in which I asked what the background to this collection was as I intended to place the check on display at an imminent exhibition and any information about the background of the piece would be helpful. (The exhibition took place on Sunday 12th May). He told me he had responded to an advert in a Manchester newspaper and had bought a collection from the advertiser, a bookseller from Shudehill in Manchester city centre. This was supposed to have happened in the 1970's. I have his e-mails which of course are all nonsense. It fooled me and I paid by paypal, giving a positive feedback. I have been contacted by two members of the NMMA who have told me the truth and suggested I contact you. Apart from the sum of money fraudulently extracted from me, there is the matter of preventing him from doing this again. Kindly let me know if I can help you in your efforts to stop him.
I am an angry man and perhaps the NMMA member was not wise in giving me an address and telephone number for this man.
Craig Brisbane,
230 Heywood Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 2GW, Tel:(0161) 772 0311

Re: Dominic Jones

Did you leave positive Feedback for the item you bought.

Re: Dominic Jones

cant you read, craig says he left positive feedback as anyone would not knowing of its originality, or am i replying to one of fakers alias'

Re: Put your money where your mouth is.

Hi everybody
Doveholes latest attempt at justifying his fakery is to attack the NMMA
On replying to his feedback to one of his buyers he is urging them to visit a site this is full of his drivel, discrediting a lot of long term collectors, honest people, many ex pitmen.
Some of his comments boil down to being not just idiotic but childish brandishing one rare check as a lampost token!!!
I would urge everybody, not just the members he has named to send what we call a warning and what he calls unsolicited mail.!!!

Re: Dominic Jones

Trading Standards
Trading Standards

It has now been 4 months since the top message appeared to
Report the dodgy dealer to Telford TS in general collecting and news
seeing that the guy is selling more than ever, putting up for sale 10 checks a week and selling this week 8 of them, it would appear that
Dominic Jones is not only not doing anything about it, he is
Not interested, has anybody had any communication from him as to
The situation.

Are you there Dominic, why cant you reply to us
I have sent 200 pictures of Dodgy pit checks to
Dominic but there is no reply.