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Mining Checks, Tallies, Tokens & Medals
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Makers of lamp checks.

Sorting through a some notes on coal mining, miners lamps etc., I came across the following transcriptions of adverts from issues of The Colliery Guardian in 1923-4 which may be of interest to collectors :

CG 27th April 1923 page 991.

Ackroyd & Best
Glasses for all lighting purposes.
Motties, Tokens, Coins etc.

Same issue, page 996.

Brass Labels.
Edward Pryor & Co
112 - 116 Rockingham St. Sheffield
Labels of every conceivable shape and size stamped, cast, or chemically engraved in a variety of metals. Pierced and consecutively numbered if so desired. Samples on application.

CG 28th March 1924, page 834.

Brass Time Checks.
John Lawson & Sons
Manufacturers of every kind of
Steel Stamps, Letters,
Figures, Brands, Stencil
Plates &c.

Roebuck Letter Works, 26 Carver Lane, Sheffield.

CG 16th May, 1924, page 1284.

John King & Co (Leeds) Ltd
Climax Malleable Works
Garnet Road

King's Unbreakable Motties

Collier Type Hurrier's Types
Numbered on both sides Numbered on one
side only.

Alan Vickers.

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

Hello Alan

Thanks for this information.

I've made a list of companies that made colliery checks in the UK and John Lawson & Sons are a new one on me.

There were quite a few spread across Yorkshire, several in Birmingham plus at least one in South Wales. So far I've only managed to record two in the North East.

If you come across any more adverts like these please send me their full details please.

Any chance you could send me high quality scans of each of these ads mention below as they were published? It would be good to have them on file.

All the best


Re: Makers of lamp checks.

Thanks Mark.

It was about ten years ago that I found these adverts. At the time I was trying to record adverts for lamp makers, oil suppliers, wick makers etc, using volumes of The Colliery Guardian in the library of the Mining Institute at Newcastle on Tyne. These volumes are very large and bulky and at that time I was unable to use a scanner so I made a transcription of the sdverts. They have remained amongst a collection of notes that I had not properly recorded and I felt it better to post the transcriptions on the forum so that others may make use of them or perhaps follow up the references if they are able to visit the mining institute.

As you know I am a histprian and not a collector but I have wondered how much earlier these adverts appeared.

In relation to the Ackroyd & Best advert I wonder about the reference to 'coin' and how this fits in.

Alan Vickers

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

hi alan, ackroyds used to make money for foreign countries thats why the word "coin" is in advert, locals called it "the morley mint" regards pete.

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

British East Africa 1920 A? Florin - $11,500.00
This coin appears to be a hybrid of the Royal Mint and Ackroyd & Best(Morley) strikings.The coin is an early specimen strike on rusty,or deteriorated dies that when viewed from the right angle shows clear evidence of the original 'A' Mintmark which has been removed.The presumption is that the Royal Mint has resumed a working die from the Morley Mint which it re-tooled so as to strike it's own issue.Interesting and rare.Ex the Museum of

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

On the subject of adverts and Ackroyd & Best. I have a polished wooden carrying box about 18" x 4" x 4" which contains quite a few glass slides, in very good condition for their age. They show in sequence various A& B lamps and equipment and various adverts of A&B of the time. I think it is an early form of a reps presentation kit, which must be quite rare and unique. Has anyone else come across these?

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

The e-mail of Oak Victoria is a known e-mail address of an alias of Mulliner, the master faker of Telford. All the content of his posts are the usual misleading accusations he has used over all the time we have known about him. All just repeated time and again to try and legitimise his rubbish fakes. Steer well clear of his items.
Well done Mark for keep publishing pictures of his work on your rogues gallery.

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

where do we find Marks rogues gallery of fakes?

Re: Makers of lamp checks.

On this site. Just click on the "NMMA PICTURE GALLERY" that is at the top of the page.
There you will see over 100 FAKES from the Telford To*ser.
If more people followed this, he would not sell a FAKE.


Re: Makers of lamp checks.

I see the NMMA have a box at cawthorne antiques shop near Barnsley advertising wanting & selling miners lamp checks.Is the association now endorsing this activity or is this a rogue dealer trying to use the NMMA to con and dupe members of the public.

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