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Mining Checks, Tallies, Tokens & Medals
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The Brynn Hall check, item- 120721950889
At £1000.
Is it that rare? does any other collectors have one?
How much would you pay for one?
It seem a very high price to me.
As no one bid for it it seems a little pricey.


Yes, it is very rare but definitely not unique as I have one also. Are there more than two out there?

As for the price tag - well its only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it. Rarity and prices don't always go hand in hand. I know collectors with unique variations of checks from what would otherwise be easy pits to obtain checks from. They may be one offs but who is to say they are worth less than a rare pit from which two checks are known? Its all down to the market and how badly two or more collectors want it.



YOU ARE RIGHT MARK. It all depends what someone is prepared to pay. There must be at least three, as you have one and the seller will have one, plus the one put up for sale. I don't have one, but I was not prepared to pay £1000 for one as I did not think it was worth that, same as at the other end of the spectrum, I bid on a Thornhill up to £125 and did not get it as I thought that was enough and did not bid higher, but now I have one at £80. The most I have paid for a check is £900 (but I have paid tens of thousands for collections in the past), but I did pay £1000-ish for an Emley Moor badge. As you get older and more long in the tooth at collecting, then you think about the value and don't be as impulsive as you used to be.
In saying that I have bought several lamps recently at prices higher than a few years ago when prices were at their highest, and prices have now come down in general. However for the rare lamps, the Australians and French are bidding heavy at the moment and pushing prices back up plus some.
So in conclusion Mark's comment is correct - its worth as much as someone is prepared to pay and if two bidders want it, then values shoot up!!
However be very carefull, as in general check prices are on the deck and I cannot see them recovering unless we get more new collectors on board and keep the likes of Mully from sickening people off when they find fakes around and lose confidence in the game.