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Mining Checks, Tallies, Tokens & Medals
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Featherstone Main Colliery Athletics Club Token

Can anyone provide any information about the 26 mm brass token illustrated below together with the colliery club named?

I assume it is a refreshment token (i.e. beer token) but it could have been used for other purposes. To me it looks late nineteenth to early twentieth century in date. It is possibly one of a series comprising several different denominations.



Re: Featherstone Main Colliery Athletics Club Token

Although Featherstone Main was only five hundred yards from where I live, it closed 11 yrs before I was born in 1936. I have photos of the Yard and the History called "Bullets for Bread", the account of the strike and lockout, with the killing by soldiers of two Miners and wounding of 14 others. I have a check which is a stamped check (never seen an embossed one!) and some nice Association badges, but thats about all I can gather. Acton Hall was just along the road from Featherstone Main and was the last pit working in this area.
In the pic are the Athletics token (same denomination), the check and three Ass0ciation badges - the P shaped one, the shield and the mine cart. Will ask around the old boys, see what I can find out.