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Re: Let's work together on this FICA issue

I graduated residency in 1994. Is that too long ago for this to apply to me?

Re: Let's work together on this FICA issue

That's probably too far back to qualify for any FICA refund at this point in time.

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Re: Let's work together on this FICA issue

Thanks for all the information on this topic, I've been following this issue for 5-10 years, even submitted paperwork to the IRS many years ago to no effect. Finally, just got a notice that UPenn has hired PriceWaterhouse to try and get the FICA back for its housestaff, I'll definitely be signing up.

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Re: Let's work together on this FICA issue

So I received notice that Lahey Clinic was filing with the IRS for FICA refund on September 2010. PriceWaterhouseCooper working on it. I've contacted them recently for an update but get a generic don't call us we'll call you. Is there a way to track the claim though the IRS directly. Any thoughts on when I could actually see some money?

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Re: Let's work together on this FICA issue

I think the only person who will have any information will be the person coordinating the FICA refund on behalf of Lahey with the IRS. I don't know of a number you can call at the IRS to get an update.

It's my understanding that these refund claims are being processed, but I think they are being processed as a pretty slow pace. Unfortunately, with the number of people and programs involved, and with the IRS' limited resources, I can't see how the process won't move along at anything but a slow pace.

Please keep us updated with anything you hear, or when you receive your FICA refund check.

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