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Automobile Expenses
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Mileage deduction from 1099 work

I am a W2 employee in my first job as an ENT. This is my main job with a main and satellite office. I have work space there. I am also a 1099 contractor at 7 or 8 hospitals taking ENT call. I do not take call every day but am on call 6 or 7 days a month.

We have a home office that can be my 1099 office – reading films, journals, billing, etc. I can qualify for a home office deduction.

So, as I understand it, I can walk down the hall to my home office as my "commute". From that office, I can then go to the W2 office or to a satellite office or a hospital or surgery center. I pass tolls on the way to/from the satellite office. Once I'm back at the home office, I can "commute" home.

So here's the question: If I'm on ENT call for my 1099 job, can I deduct all mileage between these sites once I commute to my home office down the hall? Most of those days I'm also working from my W2 office as I take call. I can also be in the home office.

What if I'm not on call that day? Is anything deductible since I'm not working at the 1099 job?

Thanks for your time.


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Re: Mileage deduction from 1099 work

I think any time you drive between your 1099 job and either your home office or your W-2 job, that would count as allowable business miles that you can deduct on your Schedule C. Driving between your home office and your W-2 job would count as allowable business miles that you could claim as an unreimbursed employee business expenses on a Form 2106 that flows through to a miscellaneous itemized deduction. Your total miscellaneous itemized deductions are only allowable to the extent they exceed 2% of your income, and are capped once you are hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax.

This answer is brief so please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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Re: Mileage deduction from 1099 work


I am responding to an old post so am not sure you are still checking this thread. Am in a similar situation: I have a main hospital job with a W2 and 2 moonlighting urgent care jobs where I receive 1099 forms. However, I am not establishing a home office deduction as I complete all charting in my clinics.

If I don't establish my home office, am I still able to deduct the mileage to my 1099 moonlighting locations? Or, are they now considered commuting?

Thank you!

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