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Temporary Job Assignments
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Re: Temporary Job assignment from PA to Ohio...and back

I think you need to be careful here. To claim the deduction for a temporary job assignment, you need to move to a city for a year or less with the intent to return to the ciy where you lived and worked prior to the temporary job assignment. (That's a mouthful.)

Can you show that you intend to return to the first city? Do you have a signed employment contract or immediate family members living in the first city? Are you only taking job interviews at hospitals located in the first city?

While intent is a state of mind and therefore is tough to prove, I would say that for you to feel comfortable claiming this deduction, you need to be able to demonstrate intent if you were to be audited by the IRS for this deduction.

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Re: Temporary Job assignment from PA to Ohio...and back

I interviewed for a job in PA and it's definately on the short list. Assuming just for a second that I do come back, what do I need to do to secure the deduction? For example, should I keep two utilities in my name for our townhouse that we are renting out for the year?

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Re: Temporary Job assignment from PA to Ohio...and back

I think you need to take whatever steps you can to document intent. If you already have a job lined up in the city where you were living and working prior to the temporary job assignment, you might want to avoid any interviews for job openings in other cities. Doing so could cloud the waters and ultimately compromise this deduction.

I'm not sure what impact there would be of keeping the utilities in your name for a property that you are now renting out.

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