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Temporary Job Assignments
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Re: leasing an auto when a temporary worker

Great question. Since a temporary job assignment qualifies as one long business trip, I would say that your auto expenses incurred while living away from home for that year would be fully deductible.

That being said, you need to see what impact the Alternative Minimum Tax will have on your deduction. Since you claim your Temporary Job Assignment expenses as a miscellaneous itemized deduction, they might be capped by the AMT. Once you trigger the AMT, and additional expenses will not save you any federal taxes. It's like pouring more water into a full bucket. (They might still save you some state taxes, however.)

You also ask about the car being in your wife's name. Since you are married, I think you should be able to claim the write off since you'll be using the car in connection with the business related travel.

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