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Posted: Mon, 2 Mar. 2015
Expires: Sun, 31 May. 2015
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How to be saved

A free “study guide on salvation” is available in the Microsoft Word or PDF file below.

How do I become a Christian (Microsoft Word)

How do I become a Christian (PDF)

This study is also available in several other languages:

Hoe om ‘n Christen te word – Afrikaans

Si të bëhet një i krishterë – Albanian

Ինչպես դառնալ քրիստոնյա – Armenian

كيف تصبح مسيحيا – Arabic – كيف تصبح مسيحياً

Necə xristian olmaq – Azerbaijani

Nola kristau bihurtzeko – Basque

Як стаць хрысціянінам – Belarusian

Как да стане християнин – Bulgarian

Com esdevenir un cristià – Posted: Thu, 6 Nov. 2014
Expires: Fri, 6 Nov. 2015

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Discovering a Decent Worker
Discovering a Decent Worker - It will sometimes be exceptionally disheartening to track down a respected local professional for the task you have at hand. You need some work done immediately and there is nobody obtainable to attempt the venture. You approach numerous notable tradesmen in your locality but they currently have lots of work in process and you have absolutely nothing to do but wait the process. What about if you don't identify a tradesperson or detect a builder still a craftsman finds you? Indeed, you read it it correctly - you really don't need to obtain a suitable artisan, it really is the opposite. Employ the net to hit upon a professional or track down a builder and you'll observe this turning out to be likely. The web-sites which I am discussing are those which assist you to zero in on a tradesperson or identify a fabricator. There's nothing that you need to carry out - simply investigate the internet site and indicate what you would like carried out. You'll obtain a form which you should populate - opt for the type of professional you're looking for, select the type of work that you have to have accomplished, generate a quick description of the job, decide how quickly you will need the task performed and finally input the postcode. Then post the information and wait for a response.

Posted: Wed, 22 Oct. 2014
Expires: Thu, 18 Sep. 4752
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Maps of City Centres
Local Area Maps - If you are going on a trip to the UK or any number of other regions you might be needing to get a town or city map for the area. Our website offers thousands of maps for places like England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, plus lots of other countries such as Ireland and Spain, popular places for holidays. So if you are going on a trip to Ireland and want a map of Dublin we can help. If you are visiting Wales and need a map of Cardiff, we can help. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Spain, maybe Benidorm, then we can help with that as well. For the best town centre maps visit us.

Posted: Wed, 19 Feb. 2014
Expires: Thu, 17 Jan. 4752
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